Want to complete your degree? At John Witherspoon College, we have just the program for you … the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Organizational Leadership!

The program of study leading to the Bachelor of Science Organizational Leadership is designed as a degree completion program to prepare students for leadership in the church and the world by way of studies in the classical liberal arts, all interpreted through and integrated into a world and life view formed by biblical truth.

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John Witherspoon reserves the right to evaluate a student’s proficiency, knowledge, or skills gained from transfer courses prior to accepting them for transfer. Generally, credit will be accepted from regionally or nationally accredited colleges if it parallels courses offered by John Witherspoon. The minimum grade for acceptance of any transfer credit is “C.” No more than 15 semester hours will be accepted from non-baccalaureate granting colleges toward a degree at John Witherspoon College. Grades of courses from other institutions do not transfer. Upon admission of a transfer student to John Witherspoon, the members of the Admissions and Scholarship Committee in conjunction with the Registrar will evaluate transcripts of all previous college-level coursework. They will determine at that time the applicability of any transfer credits to the student’s program of study at John Witherspoon. A student has the right to appeal the registrar’s decision to the CAO. All course equivalencies, transfer credits, and academic conditions are recorded on the student’s permanent record after matriculation. Transfer courses and credits are not used to determine a student’s academic standing or GPA at John Witherspoon.

Because of our educational vision, John Witherspoon courses are unique in content, form, and the way in which they are taught. It is impossible for other courses to directly substitute for our curricular design and educational outcomes.

However, the College provisionally accepts CLEP testing for some JWC courses (listed below), requiring (a) a minimum of a 60 score, and (b) approval from the Program Director in which the credits are issued. Final decisions on testing out of JWC courses are made by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

For those CLEP scores that do not parallel JWC courses, up to 12 credits worth of electives may be transferred. Thus, no more than 18 credits may be transferred from CLEP. (Note: These transfer credits also count against the general 25% transfer limit policy; students may not transfer beyond 25% of any degree program, no exceptions).

CLEP Test JWC Parallel/Substitute
Principles of Microeconomics and Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 201 (3 credits)
College Algebra MAT 101/102 (3 credits)
All Other CLEP Electives (12 credits worth)

No less than twenty-five percent (25%) of coursework required for the diploma, the associate’s degree or the bachelor’s degree must be completed in residence at John Witherspoon College.

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