Visio Dei is a biennial conference focused on past events with present significance.  In 2013, we celebrated the legacy of C. S. Lewis on the fiftieth anniversary of his death; in 2015, the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.  This year marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s “Ninety-five Theses” and the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, a sea-change event not only in the history of the church, but in the history of the world.

Join us for Visio Dei 2017, November 3-4, with special guest, Dr. Jim Patterson, Professor Emeritus of Church History at Union University (Tennessee).  In addition to plenary sessions with Dr. Patterson, Visio Dei will include breakout sessions on topics ranging from the sufficiency of Scripture, to preaching, spirituality, literature, and the founding of America!

Visio Dei will begin on Friday, November 3rd, 1:00pm at Christ Church, located at 1900 Evergreen Dr. in Rapid City, South Dakota. The cost of the conference is only $25 (half-priced for JWC students), which includes the Friday night banquet. The conference will conclude at Noon on Saturday.

NOTE: Final Visio Dei Schedule with session titles, times, and speakers will be posted soon, along with online registration.