Sold Out

NOTE:  Call Pam at (605) 342-0317 for last minute ScholarShare banquet tickets or complimentary tickets for military!

Join us at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn for a wonderful banquet, rich fellowship, an update on our remarkable fifth year, and a powerful challenge from Major General Scott Vander Hamm. You won’t want to miss hearing him.  The banquet buffet will include Prime Rib, Salmon, and Herb Chicken.


In addition, Senior Airman James Pratt, Airforce Entertainer of the Year, will kick off our evening by singing the National Anthem.

God has raised up John Witherspoon College to equip a new revolutionary generation. The students at John Witherspoon College could go anywhere they want—but they have chosen JWC because they are serious about learning and serious about serving Christ. They are here because they want to love God with all their heart, soul, and strength–and with all their mind (Matthew 22:37).

jwcstudents_blackhoodiesScholarShare is for this new revolutionary generation. Over the last ten years, the cost of college education has increased by more than 33%–it is simply out of reach for most families without enormous student loan debt. John Witherspoon College is determined, by God’s grace, to make Christ-centered excellence . . . affordable. Thanks to the generosity of God’s people, and the willing sacrifice of faculty and staff, our tuition cost is less than half that of any private institution, and less than public institutions with millions of tax dollars. And quite simply, ScholarShare makes it possible for students at JWC to finish their degree debt-free, and free to serve the Lord Jesus Christ wherever He leads.

Please join us for ScholarShare this year and make a kingdom difference through John Witherspoon College.