The Medieval Imagination of C. S. Lewis: Reason and Faith in the Space Trilogy

JWC Campus
January 2-12, 2018
1:00-5:00 pm

What made C. S. Lewis tick?

Have you ever wondered . . .

• Why Lewis believed the Medieval picture of the world— filled with angels, fairies, and the music of the planets—is still relevant in an age of science and technology?
• What made him one of the most effective and beloved Christian authors of the past century?
• What makes his fiction so gripping, his apologetics so persuasive, his vision of Christianity so colorful, fresh, and compelling?

If you have every pondered these or similar questions, or if you simply want to know more about one of the 20th century’s greatest Christian authors, join us in January for an exciting class at John Witherspoon College—The Medieval Cosmos of C. S. Lewis: Reason and Imagination in the Space Trilogy. We will discuss the Space Trilogy, portions of Mere Christianity, and selections from several other works as we seek to understand Lewis’s influences and craft, and as we ask what it would take to raise up the C. S. Lewises of the future.

The class is open to everyone, from high-school juniors and seniors to adults.  Take it for credit (3 hrs) or just for personal enrichment. Cost is only $150 to audit and $300 for credit.  This intensive course meets daily at JWC from 1:00-5:00pm, January 2-12, 2018.  To register, please call Pam Rider at (605) 342-0317, or click on and complete the Registration Form below. To find out more about this class, please click on the Syllabus link below, or email Dr. Bret Saunders at

We’ll see you “further up and further in”!

NOTE: High School Juniors and Seniors can take this Dual Enrollment class for $40/credit hour. Earn college credit while still in High School!


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