In a world where college is simply out-of-reach for many families . . . where millions of government dollars come with long strings attached . . . where more and more are asking whether a college degree today is worth the price; John Witherspoon College is affordable excellence!


How much is Tuition at JWC?
Just $6,600 per year!

Tuition at JWC is less than half that of other private institutions… even lower than public college and universities with millions of taxpayer dollars.

College/University Annual Tuition
Wheaton College $34,050
Colorado Christian University $29,870
Augustana College $29,214
Patrick Henry College $27,922
University of Sioux Falls $27,160
Dakota Wesleyan University $25,750
Hillsdale College $24,670
Concordia University St. Paul $21,250
Liberty University $21,000
John Witherspoon College $6,600


What Scholarships are available to JWC Students? JWC offers scholarships offering half tuition—or more!

Scholarship Benefit
Presidential Scholarship 100% Tuition paid
John Witherspoon Scholarship 80% Tuition paid
Trustee Scholarship 50% Tuition paid
”Preacher Smith” Scholarship 50% Tuition paid
JWC Opportunity Scholarship $500/semester
Patriot Scholarship $500/semester (for military families)
and more!


What percentage of JWC Students have a Student Loan? ZERO
Most students work part-time to pay for tuition as they go!

With low tuition, small classes, and an outstanding faculty, JWC is excellence you can actually afford.

John Witherspoon College is Christ-centered excellence