B.A., Liberal Arts and Culture, New Saint Andrews College
M.A., Philosophy, University of Dallas
Ph.D., Philosophy, Institute of Philosophic Studies, University of Dallas

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Associate Professor of Humanities
Director of the Humanities Program

Dr. Saunders is Associate Professor of Humanities, Director of the Humanities Program, and Director of Learning Resources at John Witherspoon College. He holds the BA in Liberal Arts and Culture from New Saint Andrews College and the Ph.D. in Philosophy (Honors) from the Institute of Philosophic Studies at the University of Dallas. His research interests lie at the intersection of literature and philosophy. He has taught humanities subjects at JWC since 2012. Previously he taught Writing Principles and Philosophy at the University of Dallas. He has presented papers on topics in literature and philosophy at numerous conferences, and published essays in Quaestiones Disputatae, Touchstone Magazine, and at CirceInstitute.org. Currently academic interests include George Herbert, Homer, and C. S. Lewis. Dr. Saunders enjoys reading, writing poetry, playing and listening to folk music. He lives in Rapid City with his wife Katie and children Casper, Marian, and Isobel.

Courses Taught at John Witherspoon College
ENG101 – College Composition
ENG111 – Rhetoric I
ENG112 – Rhetoric II
ENG201 – Introduction to Literature
HUM/ENG121 – Ancient Literature
HUM/ENG121 – Medieval Literature
HUM/ENG221 – Renaissance and Baroque English Literature
HUM/ENG222 – The Novel
HUM395 – The Medieval Imagination of C. S. Lewis