B.A., Theology, Dordt College
M.A., Religion, Reformed Theological Seminary
M.S., Applied Economics, Southern New Hampshire University (in progress)
Th.D., Systematic Theology, University of South Africa

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Academic Dean
Associate Professor of Christian Studies
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Part-time Professor of Economics

Dr. Jamin Hübner is a scholar, musician, and entrepreneur from South Dakota. Since leaving the farm in 2010, he finds joy in teaching, table tennis, outdoor-life, reading, writing, (real) coffee, and tea with his wife Jessica and their two rescue dogs Shosta and ζωή.

As an academic, Dr. Hübner has a BA (Theology), MA (Religion), MS (Economics, cand.), ThD (Systematics), has taught in both the humanities and social sciences as an Associate Professor, and served as Department Chair, Academic Dean, and Director of Institutional Effectiveness in higher education. His areas of interest include religion, Christianity, New Testament studies, libertarian theory, economics, and systematic theology (especially intersections with bibliology, postmodernism, science, and gender). In addition to being an active member of numerous academic societies (ASA, CBE, ACE, AES, CETA, IAPCHE, SBL, AAR, ETS, ARL, etc.), he has been published in notable journals such as Toronto Journal of Theology, The Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism, The Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters, The Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism, The Journal of Religious Leadership, Libertarian Papers, The Canadian-American Theological Review, Priscilla Papers, The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, Christian Libertarian Review, Pro Rege, Themelios, Reviewing Religion, and Faith and Thought. His popular works have been published by Christianity Today, The Christian Post, the Foundation for Economic Education, In All Things, the Libertarian Christian Institute, and other venues. Dr. Hübner is also the founding General Editor of the Christian Libertarian Review, a peer-reviewer for The Canadian-American Theological Review and Priscilla Papers, an Executive Board member of Canadian-American Theological Association, and serves on the regional Program Committee for SBL/AAR. He speaks regularly at universities, churches, and other organizations.

As a percussionist, Jamin has won area set competitions, taught private lessons, toured Eastern Europe in concert band and the Pacific Northwest in big band, and performed with notable musicians such as David Gluck, Grant Manhart, David Burgess, and Charles Carey.

As an entrepreneur, Jamin and Jessica run several small businesses including vacation rentals. Jamin is also the Lead Architect of the Creative Common Law Project (creativecommonlaw.com), “a legal system for stateless societies.”

Courses Taught at John Witherspoon College
CHR101: The Origin of the Bible
CHR211: Old Testament Story
CHR212: New Testament Story
CHR407: Christian Apologetics
CHR311: Theologia Principia I: God and Creation
CHR312: Theologia Principia II: Christ, Salvation, Church, and Eschatology
CHR351: The History of Theology
CHR422: Pauline Epistles
CHR423: General Letters
ECO101: Introduction to Economics
GRK111: Greek I
GRK112: Greek II
GRK211: Greek III
GRK212: Greek IV
HIS100: A History of World Civilizations
PHIL242: Ethics/Moral Decision Making
PHIL349: World Religions
CHR498: Senior Thesis