B.A., Theology, Dordt College
M.A., Religion, Reformed Theological Seminary
M.S., Applied Economics, Southern New Hampshire University (in progress)
Th.D., Systematic Theology, University of South Africa

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Associate Professor of Christian Studies
Director of the Christian Studies Program
Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Jamin Hübner is a entrepreneur, musician, and theologian from South Dakota. He is a graduate of Dordt College (BA Theology), Reformed Theological Seminary (MA Religion) and the University of South Africa (ThD Systematic Theology), and a student at Southern New Hampshire University (MS Economics) and currently serves as the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and founding Chair of Christian Studies at John Witherspoon College. Most of his curious insight comes from being raised on his parents’ farm.

Dr. Hübner is an accomplished percussionist, having won area set competitions, taught private lessons, toured Eastern Europe in concert band and the Pacific Northwest in big band, and performed with notable musicians such as David Gluck, Grant Manhart, David Burgess, and most recently with guitarist Charles Carey, in a local jazz ensemble.

Jamin’s areas of interest include New Testament exegesis, libertarian theory and constitutional law, complexity theory and social organization, economics, and systematic theology (especially intersections with bibliology, postmodernism, science, and gender). Throughout his career, he has been an active member of numerous academic societies (ASA, CBE, ACE, AES, CETA, IAPCHE, SBL, AAR, ETS, ARL, etc.) and has published an array of monographs and peer-review articles. More significantly, Dr. Hübner is an avid member of the Black Hills Table Tennis Club, a card-carrying member of the Tenth Amendment Center, and, being a direct descendant of William Brewster, a member of the Mayflower Society.

Jamin’s wife Jessica (BS Biology, MS Counseling) is a narrative-oriented family therapist with a background in wildlife biology. Together, they enjoy outdoor-life, reading, tea, trips to Boulder, and running their small businesses. They love God and their soft and cuddly rescue dogs, Shostakovich and ζωή.


Courses Taught at John Witherspoon College
BIB101: Introduction to the Bible, John Witherspoon College
CHR247: Christian Apologetics, John Witherspoon College
CHR311: Theologia Principia I: God and Creation, John Witherspoon College
CHR312: Theologia Principia II: Christ and Salvation, John Witherspoon College
CHR313: Theologia Principia III: Holy Spirit, Church, and New Creation
CHR351: Creeds and Confessions, John Witherspoon College
GRK111: Greek I, John Witherspoon College
GRK112: Greek II, John Witherspoon College
GRK211: Greek III, John Witherspoon College
GRK212: Greek IV, John Witherspoon College
HIS100: A History of World Civilizations, John Witherspoon College
PHIL242: Ethics/Moral Decision Making, John Witherspoon College
PHIL349: World Religions, John Witherspoon College