Affordalbe Tuition at $300 a month

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Affordable Tuition!

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In the fall of 2019, John Witherspoon College began a new Monthly Tuition Program to help all students graduate debt-free. The Annual tuition is $7,200 which gives students an affordable $600 monthly tuition payment, which includes most fees.

John Witherspoon College does not accept federal funding. This is a deliberate choice so that we can remain independent from government control and avoid the “strings” that come attached with federal aid. With the new Monthly Tuition Program, students will not need a traditional “student loan” normally provided by colleges and universities that accept federal aid. Students “pay as they go” through college, without being encumbered with debt. JWC students can truly graduate debt-free—free to serve Christ however and wherever He leads.


How much is tuition?

Full-time tuition at JWC is $7,200 per year, or $600 a month.

How is tuition collected?

Billing starts the first month a student begins their program (normally August). Tuition is collected by automatic monthly payment on the 15th of each month. This continues until a student’s balance is paid in full. Monthly tuition covers nearly all fees, except graduation, transcripts, and expenses for the required  Basileia (“Kingdom”) Mission trip.

 What methods of payment are accepted?

 ACH bank payment, which involves automatic payment from a checking or savings account, is preferred and encouraged. Other forms of automatic payment can be accepted. Please call 605-342-0317 for more information.

Is monthly payment required?

No. While monthly plans are encouraged, students may choose to pay annually—one year of tuition ($7,200) in advance of their start date.

When do payments stop?

Automatic payments to the college stop when a student’s balance reaches zero. Billing to a student’s account stops once academic requirements are complete or when written notice of a leave of absence or withdrawal is submitted. For specifics on these processes, please contact the Chief Financial Officer or the Registrar.

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