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Learning in a Time of Pandemic


These days most education is moving online amidst the frenzy of doomsday alarmism and a dogged trust in fiscal stimulus bills and N95 masks; unusual practical concerns—will Safeway have beans and toilet paper today?—beset many households; the specter of economic recession haunts our minds, employment, and portfolios. These days it’s hard to maintain focus on teaching and studies, when the familiar securities of the saeculum are shattering around us, when hopeless cries for human intervention cram the airwaves. At a time like this, even the most committed classical educator might be tempted to lose courage, or to doubt the importance of our [...]

Learning in a Time of Pandemic2020-03-27T16:54:41+00:00

Five Misconceptions about the Liberal Arts


Five Misconceptions about the Liberal Arts By Anne Harmon If you want to be a mechanical engineer, why spend time studying the history of Renaissance Europe? If your goal is to start a business, why bother with grammar? As both careers and courses of study become more narrowly focused, many students find themselves asking these questions. If you know what job you want to have, they reason, why not focus primarily on developing those skills throughout your education? An answer can be found in a very old philosophy of education: the liberal arts. Because this form of education is both old [...]

Five Misconceptions about the Liberal Arts2019-08-19T00:21:06+00:00
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