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Financial Information

$7,200 annually

Students make a monthly tuition payment of $600, most often through automatic ACH transfer from a checking or savings account. This automatic monthly payment covers all tuition (Fall Semester, Jan Term, Spring Semester, Summer Term) and most fees.

Billing: Tuition is billed to a student’s account on the first of every month. Billing starts the first month a student begins their program (normally August or January) and continues year-round until the student graduates.

Monthly Tuition: Tuition is collected by automatic monthly payment on the 15th of each month. This continues until a student’s balance is paid in full. ACH bank payment, which involves automatic payment from a checking or savings account, is preferred and encouraged. Students (or parents) must complete the Monthly Payment Program form to authorize direct payment of tuition to JWC. NOTE: While monthly plans are encouraged, students may choose to pay annually—one year of tuition in advance of their start date.

Automatic payments to the college stop when a student’s balance reaches zero. Billing to a student’s account stops once academic requirements are complete or when notice of a leave of absence or withdrawal is submitted.


Tuition/Fees Cost
Part-time Tuition $275 per credit hour (less than 12 hours)
Dual Enrollment Tuition $75 per credit hour
Audit Tuition $135 per credit hour (hours not applied to Diploma/Degree)
Matriculation Fee $20 per course—maximum $60
Student Services/ Technology Fee $35-$50 per semester. The student services fee is not refundable.
College Payment Plan $50 per semester. Pay tuition in four payments. All fees due with first payment.

The Student Services/Technology Fee covers a variety of College costs, including admission to campus-sponsored events, student publications, computer and other technology resources, recreational services, etc. The student services fee and lab fee are not refundable.

College Payment Plan. A payment plan is available for part-time students for the Fall and Spring terms only. Plans incur a $50.00 service fee for each semester. Students must complete the College Payment Plan form to authorize direct payment of tuition to JWC and schedule payments. The first month’s payment and service fee are due no later than one week prior to the beginning of the term. Tuition must be paid in full before the end of the semester. Payments five (5) days late may be assessed a $25.00 late fee.

The student is responsible for the complete and timely payment of his/her account. Students preregistering for a semester must have their current account paid in full. The student’s account must be paid in full by the end of each term. Students with unpaid balances may incur penalties which include late fees, exclusion from class attendance, semester grades withheld, future enrollment refused, transcripts withheld, and graduation diploma withheld.


Application Fee FREE
Drop/Add/ Withdrawal Fee $10 per Request Form for dropping or adding a course, or withdrawing from the College after the published registration deadline.
Late Registration Fee $25 charged to those registering during Late Registration as specified in the Calendar.
Graduation Fee $50 with the Application for Graduation form (covers cap and gown set, diploma and cover).
Library Overdue Book Fine .25 cents per day per book.

Student Accounts

The registration of a student signifies an agreement by the student and his/her parents, if applicable, to fulfill all financial obligations while enrolled in classes at John Witherspoon College. The College considers financial responsibility part of the process of Christlike growth and development, and thus every student will assume responsibility for his/her account. All financial information is subject to change without notice. Changes will be posted to the college web site.


Refund Schedule

A student following proper procedures for dropping a class or withdrawing from multiple classes will be refunded tuition charges according to the chart below. Fees are not refundable.

For Fall/Spring Semester:

  • Days 1-5                       100% tuition
  • Before Drop Date         75% tuition
  • After Drop Date                No Refund

 For Winter/Summer Term:

  • Day 1                       100% tuition
  • Day 2                        75% tuition
  • Day 3+                         No Refund

Note: For Full-Time students on the Monthly Billing Program, billing to a student’s account stops when notice of a leave of absence or withdrawal is submitted.

Dual Enrollment

Reduced Tuition Programs

John Witherspoon College offers academic programs at reduced tuition levels to serve special needs and interests. Qualified students may take up to twenty-four (24) semester hours through reduced tuition programs, including Dual Enrollment and Early Admission.

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