Financial Information

Tuition Costs

Tuition/Fees Cost
Full-time Tuition $3,300 per semester (12-16 semester hours)
Part-time Tuition $275 per credit hour (less than 12 hours; hours in excess of 16)
Special Programs Tuition $50 per credit hour (Dual Enrollment; Early Admission)
Audit Tuition $135 per credit hour (hours not applied to Diploma/Degree)
Matriculation Fee $20 per course—maximum $60
Student Services/ Technology Fee $35-$50 per semester. The student services fee is not refundable.
Payment Plan $50 per semester. Pay tuition in four equal payments. All fees due with first payment.

Other Fees

Other Fees Cost
Application Fee $50 with the Application for Admission form.
Drop/Add/ Withdrawal Fee $10 per Request Form for dropping or adding a course, or withdrawing from the College after the published registration deadline.
Late Registration Fee $25 charged to those registering during Late Registration as specified in the Calendar.
Diploma Fee $50 with the Application to Graduate form.
Library Overdue Book Fine .25 cents per day per book.

Student Accounts

The registration of a student signifies an agreement by the student and his/her parents, if applicable, to fulfill all financial obligations to the end of the semester in which the student is registered. The College expects that every student will care for his/her account and believes that responsibility for handling the student account is a part of the educational experience as a whole. All financial information is subject to change without notice.

Expenses, Due and Payable

All expenses for the semester, after subtraction of any financial aid, are due and payable before the beginning of classes for that semester. A 1.5% service charge will be assessed monthly on all outstanding student account balances.
Failure of a student to keep payments current will make him/her liable for exclusion from class attendance and from the College. All charges must be paid before the student may receive a diploma or academic transcript or enroll for a subsequent term. Students preregistering for a semester must have their current account paid in full; subsequent withdrawal will still incur fees.
Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. Please review the section below entitled “Scholarships and Financial Aid” for additional information. The College accepts payment online, in person, or by mail. Debit or credit card payments are subject to a convenience fee of 2.5%. The College cannot accept VISA due to their policies. Payment plans are available (see below).

Payment Options

  1.   To pay by check–Please make check payable to John Witherspoon College and mail to:

John Witherspoon College
4024 Sheridan Lake Road
Rapid City, South Dakota 57702

  1.   To pay online–Please visit our Giving page and click on Donate. Be sure to include the Student Name and Invoice #.
  2.   The JWC Payment Plan $50–If full payment cannot be made, an interest-free payment plan is available from John Witherspoon College to qualified students for the fall and spring terms. The plan covers only one semester at a time and tuition is paid in equal monthly installments. Any balance due from a previous semester must be paid in full prior to registration for a subsequent semester. Outstanding balances may not be rolled into a payment plan for a subsequent semester. Students using the JWC Payment Plan will be subject to a charge of $25 for any payment which is received more than ten (10) days late. The payment plan is available only to students registering for credit classes. The following guidelines apply to the JWC Payment Plan:
  • Register for classes.
  • Pay application, registration, and payment plan fees.
  • Pay twenty-five percent (25%) of tuition.
  • Pay twenty-five percent (25%) of the tuition at the first of each month until tuition is paid in full (student is billed).
  • Tuition must be paid in full in order to register for a subsequent semester.


  1. Advance Deposits for New Students—A tuition deposit of $200 is required after acceptance for admission to reserve a place in class. This deposit applies to the tuition for the entering semester. All tuition deposits will be refunded if the cancellation request is made by August 1 for Fall semester, November 15 for Winter term, January 1 for Spring semester, and May 1 for Summer. NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN ON CANCELLATIONS MADE AFTER THESE DATES. If the student is not accepted for admission, all deposits will be refunded. Requests for refund of tuition deposit must be submitted in writing to the Director of Admissions.
  1. Refund schedule—A student following proper procedures for dropping a class(es) or withdrawing from all classes will be refunded tuition charges according to the chart below. Fees are not refundable.
  1. Refund policy for a sixteen-week semester is as follows:
  • On or before the fifth day following the official day of registration as indicated on the College Calendar (if withdrawing—100% less $40 per course matriculation fee)
  • Days 6-10, 75%Days 11-15, 50%Days 17-25, 25%
  • After the twenty-fifth day, there is no refund.
  1. Refund policy for a four-week term is as follows:
  • On or before the first day following the official day of registration as indicated on the College Calendar (if withdrawing—100% less $40 per course matriculation fee)
  • Day 1, 100%Day 2, 75%Day 3, 50%Day 4, 25%
  • After the fifth day, there is no refund.

Work Study

Students may be considered for the work study program (up to 10 hours per week) during the school year as opportunities become available. Students who want to be considered for work study must be enrolled in the College, register for classes, and submit a completed Financial Aid Form with a request for work study.

Upon being accepted to the program, a student will sign an agreement form that specifies the nature of the work, the expectations of the work, the hours of work, the supervisor for the work, and the amount that may be credited toward the student’s tuition upon successful completion of the work.

All students who wish to be considered for financial aid of any kind must register for classes and submit the Financial Aid Form. For information on financial aid, contact the Director of Admissions.


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