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John Witherspoon College Christ Centered Education

JWC Personal Essay

In addition to the College’s academic requirements, prospective students should submit a 750-1000 word Personal Essay, answering one of the following questions: 

    Please choose ONE question to answer for your Personal Essay submission

    What was your favorite class or area of study in high school? Why?

    Who has had the greatest influence on your life?

    What are your favorite books, movies, and music? Why?

    When and how did you accept Christ as your Savior?

    What does it mean to you to be a Christian?

    What do you imagine yourself doing ten (10) years from now?

    By submitting this essay online, you have initiated the John Witherspoon
    College admissions process. Please sign your name below to you authorize that the above information is accurate to submit for your online application to John Witherspoon College.

    John Witherspoon College



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