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President’s Introduction


“But the noble man devises noble plans; and by noble plans he stands” (Isaiah 32:8 NASB).

Thank you for taking time to look at John Witherspoon College. As you explore our website, I hope you will discover the heart and mission as well as the vision and inner workings of the College.

John Witherspoon College began as Black Hills Biblical Institute in 2004 and developed into a four-year, degree-granting institution in 2012. The College emphasizes the classical liberal arts and equips students to become citizen leaders through Christ-centered learning, Christ-centered living, and Christ-centered leading.

The College is named after one of the American founding fathers, John Witherspoon. Witherspoon had a noble vision for developing leaders to make a difference in the world for Christ and His Kingdom. Beginning in 1768, Witherspoon served as a pastor, educator, and president of the College of New Jersey, which became Princeton University. Witherspoon effectively taught and mentored so many early American leaders that it was said of him, “He equipped the revolutionary generation.” Among the signers of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, Witherspoon was the only signer who was both a clergyman and college president.

As John Witherspoon did some 250 years ago, God has called this college that bears his name to equip a new generation of citizen leaders and send them out as salt and light in all walks of life to a world that desperately needs the gospel. Indeed, this is a noble vision. Thank you for taking part toward making this vision a reality in your life.

Ronald J. Lewis President

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