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“Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and the one who gets understanding, for the gain from her is better than gain from silver and her profit better than gold!” – Proverbs 3:13-14 ESV

Welcome to the John Witherspoon College website! I want to thank you for your interest in our college and hope that our vision and opportunities will be revealed as you look at our programs and offerings.

John Witherspoon College is characterized by our three guiding goals of Christ-centered learning, Christ-centered living, and Christ-centered leading. But in truth, these three goals are intimately tied together; learning is meant to be applied in our lives, and the way we live leads others. At John Witherspoon College, we don’t look at these goals as mere platitudes, but as integral aspects of cultivating a quality education. Our educational model is built around four pillars. We are Christian, Classical, Affordable, and Accredited.

  • We are Christian. John Witherspoon College is unapologetically Christian. This not only reflects our faith, but also our demand for integrity and academic rigor. To do less than our best is not reflective of our God who deserves our highest thoughts and most diligent learning – no matter the course being taught.
  • We are Classical. Our goal is not simply to introduce our students to facts and skills learned by rote processes. We want to ensure our students are able to analyze information and apply it with wisdom, not simply knowledge. The building blocks of classical education (grammar, logic, rhetoric) are foundational for the critical thinking needed in any occupation or pursuit.
  • We are Affordable. We take seriously our call to steward the resources that we have been afforded, and likewise want our students to do the same. Our students graduate unburdened by the crushing debt often associated with higher education.
  • We are Accredited. John Witherspoon College degrees have been evaluated by outside analysis and recognized for their quality and academic rigor. Our students can rest assured that their education is robust and legitimate.

The College is named after John Witherspoon, the only active clergyman who signed the Declaration of Independence. Witherspoon was also the sixth president of the College of New Jersey, which we today know as Princeton University. In other words, John Witherspoon was a man devoted to serving his God, focused on improving education, and instrumental in leading his country.

John Witherspoon was not a perfect man, but his example does reflect our call to learn, live, and lead. At John Witherspoon College, we strive to learn, live, and lead in a manner that reflects the one man who is perfect, Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us in this pursuit as we all – faculty, staff, and students alike – seek wisdom and understanding more precious than gold.


John T. Swann, President

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