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Radically traditional . . . unapologetically Christian

JWC offers a classical Christian education that is Christ-Centered.


“Classical education” has stood the test of time. Reaching back 3000 years, to ancient Greece and Rome, the great Christian universities of Europe and early America shared a great vision—prepare every student to think like a Christian, live like a Christian, and lead like a Christian.

Why classical education? Because nothing will prepare you for success today better than the Christ-centered learning of yesterday.


Christ-centered education also means living what you learn in the real world, in a community of Christ-centered faculty, staff, and students who love God, and the world, and the Word. At John Witherspoon College, Christ really is the center of everything.


You might think that Latin and rhetoric, poetry, music, and the classic liberal arts, are relics of ancient times, irrelevant to anybody’s life today. But studies show that employers are looking for people like students at John Witherspoon College—who can think critically, solve problems, write clearly, speak persuasively; men and women of integrity, creativity, and a clear moral compass.

Christ-Centered Learning
Christ-Centered Living
Christ-Centered Leading


  • Get Your Degree Debt-Free! – A stellar faculty, challenging programs of study and full-time tuition for only $7,200 a year—just $600 a month until you earn your degree!

  • Outstanding Faculty – Study with the best . . . recognized scholars—not teaching assistants or email avatars— who know Jesus Christ and want the best for you!

  • Personal Attention – Small classes. A real community of faith and learning. A place to belong, and a place to make a difference!


John Witherspoon College exists to glorify God as the Beginning and end of all knowledge . . . building a community of Christ-centered learning for Christ-centered leadership in the church and in the world.

John Witherspoon College offers you a classical Christian education that is Christ-Centered. JWC is a different kind of college, because we are convinced getting a degree is not the same as getting an education.

Until the late 1800’s, what we call “classical” was called . . . well . . . just “college.” “Classical” education goes all the way back to the Hebrew Bible, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome. It was a vision for training in the “liberales artes”—the knowledge, skills, and wisdom to live and to lead as a “liber,” a free citizen rather than a slave. The great Christian universities of Europe refined that ancient vision of the “liberating arts.” They believed in education that prepares a person for a calling, not just a career. So do we. JWC is radically traditional and unapologetically Christian.

Jesus Himself said: A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher [Luke 6.40]. These days, you can go to “college in your pajamas,” as one ad puts it—but that’s no way to equip leaders for leadership. Our professors are first-rate scholars with a heart for God—who teach every student to seek truth with a textbook in one hand and a Bible in the other.

What We Believe

John Witherspoon College is dedicated to glorifying the triune God of biblical revelation. In seeking to remain faithful to biblical truth, we embrace confessional Protestantism as reflected in the following “Statement of Faith,” which each member of the administration, faculty, and Board of Trustees, must subscribe annually.

(1) The Scriptures. The Bible is God’s word given by divine inspiration, the record of God’s revelation of Himself to humanity. It is trustworthy, sufficient, without error—the supreme authority and guide for all doctrine and conduct. It is the truth by which God brings persons into a saving relationship with Himself and leads them to Christian maturity.

(2) God. There is but one God, the Maker, Preserver and Ruler of all things, having in and of Himself, all perfections, being infinite in them all; and to Him all creatures owe the highest love, reverence and obedience. He exists eternally in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit each with distinct personal attributes, but without division of nature, essence or being. God ordains or permits all things that come to pass, and perpetually upholds, directs and governs all creatures and all events; yet so as not to destroy the free will and responsibility of intelligent creatures.

(3) Man. God originally created man in His image, and free from sin; but through the temptation of Satan, humankind transgressed the command of God, and fell from their original righteousness, whereby all humans have inherited a sinful nature that is opposed to God, and are thus under condemnation. As soon as they are capable of moral action, they become actual transgressors.

(4) Jesus Christ. The second person of the Trinity is the eternal Son of God. In his incarnation Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. Jesus perfectly revealed and did the will of God, taking upon Himself human nature, yet without sin. He honored the divine law by His personal obedience, and by His substitutionary death on the cross He made provision for our redemption from sin. He was buried and rose again the third day, and ascended to His Father, at whose right hand He lives to make intercession for His people. He is the only Mediator, the Prophet, Priest and King of the Church, and Sovereign of the universe.

(5) Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God, fully divine, who exalts Jesus Christ. The Spirit convicts men and women of sin, of righteousness, and judgment, enabling them to understand the truth. He calls men and women to the Savior, and brings about regeneration, which is a renewal of heart and nature.

(6) Salvation. Salvation involves the redemption of the whole person, and is offered freely to all who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; accepting and trusting in Him alone for justification and eternal life. Justification is God’s gracious declaration of righteousness of sinners, who believe in Christ, from all sin, through the satisfaction that Christ has made. Believers are also sanctified by God’s Word and Spirit dwelling in them. Sanctification is the process of progressing toward moral and spiritual maturity, enabled by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Those who are accepted in Christ and sanctified by the Holy Spirit will never totally nor finally fall away from the state of grace, but shall persevere to the end, and be kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation.

(7) The Church. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church, which is composed of all true followers of Christ, and in Him is invested supremely all power for its government. Christians are to associate themselves with local churches; and to each church is given the authority to administer order, to carry out ministry, to worship, and to practice discipline.

(8) Last Things. The bodies of humans after death return to dust, but their spirits return immediately to God—the righteous to rest with Him; the wicked to be reserved under darkness to the judgment. God in His own time and in His own way will bring the world to its appropriate end. According to His promise, Jesus Christ will return personally and visibly in glory to the earth. At the last day, the bodies of all the dead, both just and unjust, will be raised. God has appointed a day, when He will judge the world by Jesus Christ, when all people shall receive according to their deeds; the wicked shall go into everlasting punishment; the righteous, into everlasting life.




John Witherspoon College Christ Centered Education

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