John Witherspoon College Christ Centered Education

The John Witherspoon College “Top 10”

(reasons to consider JWC)

  1. Black Hills! You know that people come here on vacation, right?
  2. Opportunities! Students at JWC have academic and mission opportunities around the world.
  3. Outstanding Faculty! Study with the best. Recognized scholars-not teaching assistants or email avatars-who know Jesus Christ and want the best for you!
  4. People Who Care! Small classes. A real community of faith of learning. A place to belong, and a place to make a difference.
  5. A Job! Employers are looking for people like you from places like JWC!
  6. Leadership! The goal of education at JWC is not a sheepskin, but the knowledge, skill, and character you need to make a difference for Christ in a world desperate for leadership.
  7. Affordability! JWC is less than half the cost of most private colleges.
  8. Innovative! Pay just $500 a month for tuition until you earn your degree.
  9. A Different Kind of College! Designed to help you think and act like a Christian in every area of your life. No cookie cutter courses with “answers in the back of the book.” JWC is college un-usual.
  10. Christ-Centered Excellence. Pure and Simple.

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