John Witherspoon College Christ Centered Education

A Statement on the Crisis in Israel

As both a Christian community and an educational institution, John Witherspoon College has a fundamental commitment to truth and life. Therefore, we are compelled to unequivocally condemn the terrorism against the nation of Israel. John Witherspoon College recognizes that Israel is a sovereign state, legally established and it has not only every moral right but also a moral obligation to defend itself against invasion and atrocity.

Hamas has clearly identified itself as a terrorist organization, invading Israel with the full intention of attacking not military but civilian targets. Further, they have explicitly propagated messages that are not only antisemitic in their character, but also fully endorsing the genocide of the Jewish people not only in Israel, but also across the world. Their celebration of the murder, rape, and kidnapping of Israeli civilians is wholly to be condemned.

In addition to condemning the evil of Hamas, John Witherspoon College condemns the celebration of the organization’s depravity across colleges across America. These celebrations demonstrate either a profound immorality or a frightening ignorance. Claims of “moral equivalence” are historically unfounded and philosophically untenable. They are fundamentally opposed to the truth upon which education should be built.

Similarly, John Witherspoon College expresses dismay at the silence or tentative response of many Christian leaders in this nation. Now is the time to make a bold stand for what is true, righteous, and good. As Christians, we are compelled to speak boldly on behalf of Israel – not because it is the nation of Israel, but because any nation invaded by a terrorist organization should be supported and any invader with the intention of genocide should be condemned. The silence of Christians in this time is lamentable.

We pray for the innocent parties – both Israeli and Palestinian – being harmed by the evil of Hamas, and pray also that God would bring both justice and peace to Israel. Finally, we also pray that God would bring restoration to educational institutions and Christian organizations alike in this nation to speak boldly for truth.